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You might be feeling overly cautious about accessing a royalty rates database, because you’ve been doing this work for years it, but these databases can go a long way in saving you time and money.

Using another person’s intangible property requires legal agreement between the creator and the person that needs to use the intellectual property. These agreements outline the agreed up conditions for using the agreement. It is to know how much these intangible properties cost to lease without access to an integrated database like Royalty Range. With agreements that date back to 2005 you can be certain you’ll find the agreements your clients need.

When you sign up for a royalty rate database like the one at you will not only get access to detailed reports but also common business practices surrounding those licensing agreements. You may also utilize the consulting services that will help if you run into trouble or don’t understand licensing specifics while drafting agreements. You can ensure that your business is paying fair royalty rates, while outlining details regarding the length and geographical location in which the property may be used.

Access to a royalty rates database is a reliable way to watch out for the financial well-being of your business and the interests of your clients. A reliable database will help you draft an agreement, while providing you with access to important information in regards to European royalty rates.